LJ LIndhurst
Seen and NOT seen

May 25 - July 22, 2018
Opening reception Friday May 25th 6-9pm

I am a contemporary realist painter. I work from original photographs of images that I find personally appealing. I like to explore the colors and textures of objects at a macro level. My paintings typically feature close-up views of tiny objects; I am particularly drawn to toys, candies, and other often-overlooked detritus of our popular culture. I find that when you isolate and magnify small details from these otherwise insignificant objects, they reveal more than just their hidden beauty; the mere act of enlarging these items to thousands of times their natural size and rendering all of the detail in paint creates a distinctly absurd sense of comedy. I like to think that my work makes people laugh, or at the very least it makes them more aware that there are entire worlds of beauty in even the tiniest object in their landscape. A large portion of my work is based on the philosophy that Photorealism painting should be approached without style or embellishment, and adhere with devotion to reproducing the photographed image as accurately as possible in paint. Form, composition, and style occur naturally, and are illuminated as a result of this neutral approach.

Toys, trash, candy, and the detritus of our culture are all things that interest me
— LJ Lindhurst

LJ Lindhurst is a self-taught contemporary realist artist, producing medium-to-large-scale paintings of imagery from our daily lives and mass culture that communicate a sense of isolation, alienation, comedy, threat, and modern decay.

Recent solo exhibits include Prime in New York City, Mad Art in St. Louis, MO and Gawker HQ in New York City. Group exhibitions have included the General Electric Headquarters in Stamford, CT, the Brooklyn Arts Council Gallery, the Pelham Arts Center, the Butler Institute of American Art, and SCOPE.

Lindhurst was recently interviewed for Artfile Magazine, and was featured as the cover story in the Spring 2012 issue of Overflow Magazine. Her work has also been profiled in Professional Artist and American Artist magazines. In 2014 she was awarded a SPARC residency by the Brooklyn Arts Council and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.

LJ Lindhurst lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.