john paul o’grodnick (JPO)
keep drawing in class

May 9 - Jun 29, 2019
Opening reception Thursday May 9th 6:00-8pm

This show is a message to our youth to stay as creative as they can and not let anybody take that away from them. With my use of a wide color palette and a childlike take on art I try to inspire everyone to pick up their medium of choice and create! 

Most of the works in this show are snapshots of never before seen worlds full of characters and creatures of all kind straight out of my subconscious. I hope everyone enjoys viewing the show as much as I enjoyed creating it. 



John Paul O’Grodnick, better known as JPO, is a Visual artist based out of New York City known for his vibrant and elusive painting style. JPO translates raw emotions into colorful, powerful and expressive works of art while visually connecting concepts of human perception.

JPO’s passion for the arts emerged at a young age, for he was inspired by the eclectic tastes of his father and sister, who introduced him to improvisational styles of music and meditation.

JPO draws much of his inspiration from his zeal to the practice of meditation. When he paints, he channels his third eye.

His work has been shown in galleries across the country and his murals have been painted on famous walls in New York city. JPO has also collaborated with such brands as: GAP, MTV, The NBA, The Grammys, Lululemon and Saks Fifth Ave.